I work as a translator of prose, poetry, journalism, and academic texts from Czech to English in the areas of music, art, philosophy, and related fields.

Below, you will find a selected translator’s bibliography as well as a list of institutions I collaborate with.


Selected bibliography:



Czech Radio, Czech Television, Czech Music Quarterly, Czech Music Information Centre, Fotograf Festival, Fotograf Magazine, GAMPA – City Gallery Pardubice, etc. gallery, Tranzitdisplay Gallery, Kvalitář Gallery, Orchestr Berg, Ostrava Center for New Music, Meetfactory, Strings of Autumn Festival,, Charles University, AMU Press, AVU Publishing, UMPRUM Press, Heaven’s Gate Films, Kritika Polityczna, A2larm, the National Technical Library, the Institute of Contemporary History of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the National Film Archive, and others.