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Three Snows for Four

Three Snows for Four (Tři sněhy pro čtyři) is a chamber piece inspired by and intended to be exhibited alongside a series of photographs by Marie Kratochvílová titled Sněhy (Snows). The piece was written for an exhibition titled Five Uncertain Situations, co-organised by the Prague City Gallery and the Prague Quiet Music Collective and curated by Jitka Hlaváčková and Ian Mikyska. 

You can listen to the whole album or the individual pieces, i.e. Snow no. 1, no. 2, and no. 3.

You can also follow this link to a page that shows all the composed works, all the artworks that inspired them, as well as links to the scores and the exhibition catalogue.

Work type: Composer, Performer

Medium: image, instruments

Length: 25'

When: December 2022