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Corrugations is a piece for a quartet of sackbuts; a precursor to the modern trombone used in the renaissance and early baroque periods. It first came about after I heard Ian, Peter, Adam and James play a mass by Lassus on four sackbuts and a cornett, at a service in Girton College, Cambridge, in February 2016. We recorded the piece in June, and then I made the video together with Prokop Jelínek in August/September.

Music and concept: Ian Mikyska Video: Prokop Jelínek
performed by Ian Sankey and James Harold – tenor sackbuts, Peter Thornton and Adam Crighton – bass sackbuts
video performed by Luan Checchia Gonsalves, Prokop Jelínek – overhead projector

Special thanks to: the Punctum – Krásova collective, Slavomír Hořínka, Jan Kulka, Bára Nesnídalová and Tomáš Mika

Work type: Composer

Medium: image, instruments

Length: 14'

When: September 2016