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Nehybnost (Malostranská ticha)

Nehybnost (Malostranská ticha) or Motionless (Malá Strana Silences) is a piece commissioned by the Berg Orchestra for the close of their 2019 season.

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This piece (for large ensemble and fixed electronics) was commissioned by the Berg Orchestra and premiered by the same ensemble conducted by Peter Vrábel at the Convent of St Agnes in Prague, December 10th 2019.

Programme note: "Passing from movement to stillness. Field recording silence; digital silence; electromagnetic, concert, conducted, and motionless silences. Walking and remaining. The difference between making a pause and stopping.

Two field recordings made while walking form the basis of this piece. They both start on Malostranské náměstí. One goes down towards Kampa Island, ending at a ventilation shaft by the museum, the other heads up towards the foot of Petřín Hill behind the German embassy. These recordings shape the course of the entire piece: both through their gradual passage from noisiness to quietude but also through the decelerating rhythm of walking, which also determines the tempo the musicians play at.

The electronic accompaniment also uses foley recordings of other objects and electromagnetic recordings of sounds normally inaudible to humans, mediated through electromagnetic receivers (in this case, the Elektrosluch Mini City, made by LOM)."  

Work type: Composer

Medium: instruments, electronics

Length: 17'

When: December 2019