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Forgetting Ravel

Forgetting Ravel (2018) for oboe, cello, and harp.

Forgetting Ravel was commissioned by the MusicOlomouc festival 2018 and dedicated to the Isang Yun Trio (Vilém Veverka – oboe, Petr Nouzovský – cello, Kateřina Englichová – harp), who performed the world premiere in the Atrium of the Art Centre of Palacký University, Olomouc, on the 9th of October 2018.

Programme note: "Forgetting is generally framed as a negative element in our lives. But in order to focus on the present moment, we must forget all the worries and responsibilities waiting for us around the corner. A piece of music performed in a concert is, in a way, the epitome of such “bracketing”, of setting experience apart. In this piece, the source materials (quotations from Maurice Ravel’s piano trio and sonata for violin and cello) are used as vehicles for various methods of approaching silence and stillness. Forgetting Ravel and finding sound, realising the moment, getting to quietude. Finding the spot at which what we hear stops being “Ravel”; stops being anything, and simply becomes sound, duration, time, and silence. The piece is dedicated to the Isang Yun Trio."

Work type: Composer

Medium: instruments

Length: 19'

When: October 2018