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bass; rhythm; texture; light; materials

This piece, written as a text score for three drumkits, three electric basses, three analogue projectors, guitar and saxophone, was premiered at a concert at Punctum, Prague, on the 31st of August of 2015.

The piece was performed by the ensemble Stratocluster, with special guests Lukas Ligeti and James Ilgenfritz on drumkit and bass respectively. The analogue projectors were designed and built by Jan Kulka.


Marcel Bárta – saxophone
Tomáš Mika – guitar
Ian Mikyska – projections
James Ilgenfritz – bass guitar
Ondřej Komárek – bass guitar
Mikuláš Mrva – bass guitar<> Lukas Ligeti – drumkit
Jan Kulka – drumkit
Jaroslav Noga – drumkit

The concert also featured several improvisations featuring our two guests and members of Stratocluster, which can be found here:

Work type: Composer, Performer, Video-maker

Medium: image, instruments

Length: 17'

When: September 2015