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300' writing

300′ writing (300’ psaní) is a multimedia installation which includes objects, video and sound. Created by Ian Mikyska, Prokop Jelínek and Jaroslav Noga, it was shown at Galerie Pavilon (gallery of the Academy of Visual Arts, Prague) from the 21st of July to the 31st of August 2016.

At its core, we find the 300 minutes of writing mentioned in the title: 100 minutes were spent writing text on each one of the three objects, based on a specific set of instructions. Audio and video were captured during this process, which served as the material for the projections and sound track.

Glass and tracing paper were the main materials for the objects, lending the entire space a sense of transparency, in which the physicality and materiality of the writing could stand out. The experience of time – time writing, time reading, time spent in the space – was a central concern of the work: time was distorted in the video through changes in speed, and in the sound through layering, repetition and patterning to create an isolated space, torn out of the usual time frame.

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Work type: Composer, Writer, Performer, Video-maker

Medium: image, text, electronics

Length: 20'

When: July 2016