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Hemiplegia for Singer, Two Narrators and Ensemble

Composed in 2012, based on stories from Dubliners by James Joyce and poems by Seamus Heaney.

For singer, two male narrators, string quartet, clarinet, acoustic guitar, double bass, drum set.

The idea behind this piece was to base each movement on a particular story from Dubliners (The Sisters, Araby, A Painful Case and Eveline), with the music being subjected to the narrative as much as possible. The narrators generally take on more authoritative, antagonistic roles, while the singer introduces a softer, lyrical aspect to the stories, defending against the narrators’ relentless attacks with various types of song, often parodying or mocking.


Programme notes (also includes notes to the Quintet for Strings and Guitar and Metamorphoses for Two Clarinets)

Work type: Composer, Writer, Performer

Medium: image, text, voice, instruments

Length: 36'

When: September 2012